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Content, Network, Technology-Pulling the Proper Levers for Unmatched Hiring Efficiency

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The talent acquisition landscape is more fragmented than ever, with an overwhelming number of options available for recruiters to choose from in order to help them make hires for their business.

But when it comes to finding the right candidates for the right job at the right price, it can be hard to know what combination of job sites, software systems, and partners is going to deliver the best results for your specific business needs. It's critical for recruitment teams to understand what levers they can pull to optimize their hiring performance. Join “R” Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research, for a conversation with the leaders of Veritone HR Solutions as they dive into three key levers for hiring efficiency.

Hear from Alex Fourlis, SVP and GM of Veritone HR Solutions and former president of Broadbean, and Matthew O’Connor, Chief Revenue Officer of PandoLogic, on how Veritone is combining the forces of programmatic technology with a vast job distribution network to help companies maximize their hiring efficiency based on their business challenges, company size, or talent acquisition strategy.

They will discuss:


  • The content, network, and technology levers within a recruitment strategy
  • The power of combining a powerful network with advanced technology and what it means for hiring efficiency
  • How employers can pull these levers to increase recruitment ROI


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Alex Fourlis

SVP and GM of Veritone HR Solutions, and former President of Broadbean

Matthew O’Connor

Chief Revenue Officer of PandoLogic

R "Ray" Wang

Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research

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Learn how your company can use programmatic technology to maximize hiring efficiency

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